midsummer days
hi i'm manatsu and this is where i'll be posting my outfits and whatnot (◡‿◡✿)

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new nails!

Anonymous:Have you ever had no bangs before? and do you prefer hairstyles with bangs or without bangs, and why? I can't make up my mind on whether I want to grow my bangs out or leave them.... BTW, just curious, but at you in high school or college?

yes! until june, i had no bangs but i got really tired of it. personally, i think having bangs is better because (at least with me) i didn’t like having to put all of my hair back whenever i wore ponytails or whatnot, and ahh i dont know it just looked really awkward! 

but with my bangs now, it looks more put-together and i also think having bangs makes your face looks a bit smaller, which is nice! 

i wondered about that for a while, but i am definitely happier with bangs and i wish i had cut them earlier. of course it all depends on the person, but why not get bangs and have a new look? ^^ 

i’m a senior in high school! 





my friends told me to dress more casually, so I went with shorts today ( ;´Д`)



Anonymous:Hello Manatsu ! I really loooooove your outfits ! They are always so cute but classy at the same time ! You're a great inscpiration ! My question might seem strange but... How do you keep your knees so white ? Do you know how to avoid darker knees ? Any tips ?

thank you so much, you’re so kind! ♥  ;____; 

i’m sorry, i’ve never really done much to take care of my knees so i can’t help from personal experience, but i did look up a few things!

apparently, certain areas of your skin, such as knees and elbows, will turn darker if they are often neglected during washing, so make sure to wash every day and exfoliate to remove deep skin impurities and dead skin cells! (i use these to exfoliate. my skin is super duper soft hehe (~‾⌣‾)~ i believe you can find them at local korean/japanese markets?

after exfoliating, make sure you use a moisturizer with vitamin e and maybe invest in a skin lightening cream? and of course, wear sun screen every day!

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